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PT. Karenu Indah mendedikasikan sumber daya untuk menjual dan menservis HELI forklift

(4S : Sales, Service, Suku cadang dan Survey) di seluruh Indonesia.

heli new series lithium forklift

Fearless of any rough application

HELI forklifts are built for safety and efficiency with one of the best engineered wide-view masts in today’s market place. Coupled with suspension seats (optional) and dependable controls, HELI is indeed a perfect choice for virtually any material handling applications in factories, warehouses, ports.

  • Powerfull Performance
  • Smart and Safe
  • Hight Efficiency
  • Ergonomic Design


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The best part of it all is that they are built to last without breaking your budget,
so ask about which HELI model is suitable for you today!

There are several series in this category, G2 series use Lithium Batteries to make it more efficient.

Some pallet trucks powered by lithium batteries are suitable for warehouse work.

There are several Wheel Loaders with different load capacities. For use in mining or construction areas.

Several types of trucks are suitable for heavy work in industrial areas or port areas.

With the support of the availability of parts and services, of course adding to the points of our brand.


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