Fearless of any Rough Application

HELI forklifts are built for safety and efficiency with one of the best engineered wide-view masts in today’s market place. Coupled with suspension seats (optional) and dependable controls, HELI is indeed a perfect choice for virtually any material handling applications in factories, warehouses, ports.

Powerfull Performance

Customer can freely choose from the 3 different configuration S, M, H. Especially M and H Configuration are comparable with internal combustion trucks in terms of comprehensive performance.

Smart and Safe,
Ease in All Aspect

Steering decelaration: Auto steering deceleration reduces the risk ofturning over.

Steering started by steering wheel, the steering wheel can directly start the steering function and provides the required oil quantity according to the steering wheel speed.

Color screen instrument, Billingual (CN/EN) options, full vehicle information at a glance.

PES Three-speedmode. Choose multiple speed modes according to working conditions, guarantee work efficiency.

Rear handle with horn switch for safer reversing.

Lithium battery is automically heates at low temperature, with excellence low temperature adaptabillity.

Optimized Ergonomic Design, Better Driving Comfort