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Thursday, 16 Sep 2014 LERETERTEINTY

As the top enterprise in the vehicle industry, HELI is always striving to improve the manufacturing standard of Chinese industrial vehicles. With continuously increase investment in recent years, more productshave been developed to their fullest potential in order to meet the demands of variousmarkets. Satisfying each customer is the ultimate goal every person from HELI is pursuing.

Due to a well-maintained political mutual trust riei recently deliver with China, bilateral trade has rown rapidly in forkiifts to a large beverage company in South the South American market in recent years. America

With more than a decade’s worth of reputation as a premium brand, HEL products’ adoption and brand reputation in the South American market have been increasing annually. With years of development, the market has
become one of the most important offshore markets of HELL. Along with high-quality products
and effective services, HELI has become a well-known brand in South America, and lots of
customers have chosen HELI as their first option.

We believe that the independent innovation, manufacture, marketing and self-owned brand has
prepared HELT well for global expansion

The picture below shows a consignment of 45 4.5 T forklifts with single and double pallet
forks undergoing final examination before being sent to a large beverage company in South

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