LC Series
Side Shifter

Sideshifter is the most common attachment installed on forklift truck, of which is available for sideshifting in both directions, greatly improves the flexibility and efficiency of the forklift truck operation. It is suitable for various occasions using forklift truck for material handling and stacking.

H Series
Fork Positioner

Sideshifting fork positioner is widely used in logistic, warehouse and manufacturing industry, and etc.

It’s used for adjusting forks without leaving the seat.

R Series
Paper Roll Clamps

Designed for paper roll handling or stacking operation in industries such as mills, warehouses,printers,newspaper publishers and converters.

J Series

360 rotating endless,for container turning or emptying operations in industries such as food,chemical ,sanitation,recycle.smelting.casting and etc. standard forks with normal widths can be fixed by means of square stops that are bolted onto the lower bar of carriage to protect the safe opeation.

T Type
Bale Clamps

Bale clamp efficiently and economically handle nearly any type of baled products including cotton, wool, synthetic,textile bales, corrugated, newsorint, rag, hay, metal and other scrao bales.High efficiency and economy to handle in without work plat form condition.

Tobacco Carton

Tabacco carton clamp can handle ande stack varuous kinds goods, especially redrying tobaco cartons, packed in cartons, securely and efficiently palletless. Measure-ments of clamp arms can be changed as requested in different working conditions. Furthermore, special working clamp upon customer’s requests In cigarettes factory is also available.

Sponge Rubber

Sponge rubber clip can efficiently and safely handle and stack any type of foam products including rubber, chemical industry and chemical fiber, etc.

Quick Installed

Pusher and push-pull are designed for palletless packed goods handling operations, with the aid of slipsheet which replaces pallet, high productivity with easy main-tenance and lower running cost are gained.


The Load extender is a kind of attachment that can be extended to a certain distance, which can be used with cargo fork or other accessories, and can effectively carry the goods or pallets that are out of reach.

Single Cylinder
Hinged Forks

Hinged fork can increase the fork carriage leaning and sloping angle, realized tilt up 25°, tilt down 45°. Used it in conjunction with bucket, can efficiently tip over the goods in the container, extensively use on goods recycle, fertilizer, sediment, plastic grain, etc. Greatly improve the flexibility of the forklift and handing efficiency.

Hinged Broke

The hinged broke handler is able to enlarge the upward and downward tilt angle of fork carriage (Upward 20•.25•, down 45°), and the arms will hold the goods to avoid damages in transit. Moreover, the hinged broke handler used with containers, such as bucket, will dump the bulk cargo from the bucket efficiently and safely, It is widely used in recycling, and waste management, greatly improve the flexubility of loading and unloading of the forklift.